Birth of A Notion

by Randy's Bad Baby

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"Birth of A Notion" is dedicated to my wife, Kim, and our new baby, Gemma.

My "notion" started as a project to lay down some original songs in the political/spiritual folk tradition. I always try to write lyrics and music that are relevant to everyday people. While all songs are really just part of One Big Song, there are four tunes on this digital album which can be considred to have gravity that is "OF RANDY": "Silver anf Gold," "Jessica Lynch," "God's Country," and "Wind and the Rain." The rest are Traditional songs that I have arranged in my own little way.

The deeper your interest in music, the deeper will be your interest in this digital album. There are numerous twists and turns in every arrangement. For example, in "A Love Supreme" I take the melody of Coltrane's Second Movement, "Resolution" from the original and put it to the mystical introductory tempo of Coltrane's later work, "Ohm". Check out the liner notes to get clues about the DNA of each track.

I want to thank all of the musicians (see below) who helped me give birth to this Bad Baby. And I particularly want to thank Peter Richan of Buckye Studios for producing. He's one hell of a musical mid-wife!!! Please check out the links to these folks so you can download their stuff or see them live!


released February 14, 2012

Recorded at Buckye Studios in Philadelphia.

All arrangements by Randy Viscio.

Original material: Silver and Gold (The Ballad of Kent and Jackson State); God's Country; Jessica Lynch; Wind and the Rain.

*Jimmy Otis performs courtesy of Lowell Toilett Fixtures

Randy Viscio - Mandolin & Lead Vocals
Co-founder of The Reagan Babies

Peter Richan - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Dobro and Vocals- Phillie's finest music and massage man

Adam Stranburg- Drums
Adam is a fixture in the Philadelphia to New York jazz/blues scene)

Jim Stager- Electric and Stand-Up Bass
Jim has performed and recorded with hundreds of artists, ranging from Rosemary Clooney and Huffamoose to the legendary punk band "X".

CowMuddy- Vocals; *Lead Vocal "Judy Oh Judy":
Cowmuddy has a unique musical style, voice and mind):

Mia Johnson - Vocals
Mia has been in Philly making music for over a decade. She got her start busking her original songs on South Street).

Jimmy Otis - Accordian, Piano
Jimmy is from Lowel, MA and has played with Randy in the Reagan Babies

Jay Ansil - Fiddle
born and raised in Suburban Philadelphia started playing fiddle at square dances and Irish Ceilis

*Ryan Witke played by Banjo on "God's Country"

*Mike Gallina played by Electric Bass on "Silver & Gold"



all rights reserved


Randy's Bad Baby Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The world's badest baby went down to the Juke Joint and got all juked up. The music was so fine and the crowd so frenzied that it whipped up like a tornado and swept everyone up and out. It carried the people across the Great Divide and They all landed in Philadelphia! And when I told that story...everyone sitting next to me on the bench all slid over and away from me. But it's true! ... more

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Track Name: Frankie and Johnny
Frankie and Johnny were lovers
Oh lord how they could love,
They swore that they would be as true as the stars above.
Frankie bought Johnny a brand, new, shiny suit. They went walkin down the street one day she said, "Don't my Johnny look cute?"
Frankie lived in a crib house it had only two doors,
she gave Johnny her money and he spent it on all those crib house whores,
Johnny's mother told him and she was mighty wise,
She said, "don't spend Frankie's money on that parlor Alice Pryor."

Baby kiss me one time, once before I go,
Roll me on my left side that bullet hurts me so.
Frankie loved Johnny, but her done her wrong.
So she shot through the door with a .44 and now her Johnny's gone. He's gone, gone gone.

Frankie went down to the corner to buy a glass of beer.
She said to the old bartender, "Has my lovin man been here?"
He said, "I can't keep no secret and I won't tell you no lie. I saw your man about an hour ago lovin-up that Alice Pryor."
Frankie went round to the hotel lookin in the windows so high.
There she saw her Johnny lovin-up the Alice Pryor.
Frankie went round to the hotel door and rang the door bell.
She said, "Stand back you chippies before I blow you straight to hell!"


Frankie threw back her Kamona and took out her .44. "Ratatatat" three times she shot through the hotel door.
The first time he staggered. The second time he fell.
The third time she shot him there was a new man's face in hell.
Oh go get Johnny's mother, tell her to bring her funeral clothes.
Bring the wagon around, bring it right on up to the door.
Eleven mac a-ridin, all in a cover-tied hack.
Eleven mac a-ridin but there's only ten comin back.

Track Name: Jessica Lynch
Stand in line. Shut your mouth.
Don’t worry about it soldier we’ve got support in the South.
Grab your gun! It is your friend!
You ain’t never gonna see a Burger King again.

Step right up! Join the Call!
The Army’l make you a hero (or we’ll make you take the fall).

Give a salute. Give us a cheer.
We held your mamma and papa hostage with sadness and sadness and fear!

Jessica Lynch, Jessica Lynch.
What did they do to you?
They lied to your face tried to put you in a place.
Well it really ain’t nothing new! It ain’t nothing new.

Dig a hole. Then fill it in.
Dig it out again! Go on an jump in!
Go check in there. Get ready to die!
When I say “Jump” girl, you better ask “How high?”


Say, “I like killin! Killin’s a hoot!”
“Boy those kids from the ghetto sure do make good recruits!”
Turn on your TV, “Hey! It’s Jessica Lynch!”
“Why the Army called a hero but now they’re callin her a Bitch!”

Track Name: Silver and Gold
They loaded up at the Liberty Bell and then retreated up Blanket Hill.
Some heard them say, "You better run away!" But others heard "You better stand still!"
Advancing on the rear of the Guard,
armed with the weapon of Truth
Thirteen seconds was all the Devil needed to shoot them down- And he shot them down

Ohh now everyone knows.
And you can't shed light on these things with your Silver and your Gold
Ohh now everyone's got the sight to see.
There's four kids layin in their blood at the University.

Now ten days later from the mouth of the Mockingbeard came the Blues and they were raising Cain.
With one fight done and another begun you could have said that it looked about the same.
They gathered at on Lynch Street and then feel back down to the dorm.
And everyone saw it when the Hard Rain hit there was a Hooded Man.
A White Hooded Man.

Ohh now everyone knows.
And you can't shed light on these things with your Silver and your Gold
Ohh now everyone's got the sight to see
There's two more layin face-down at the University.

Na NaNa-Na Na Na Na Na
Na NaNa-Na Na Na Na
Na NaNa-Na Na Na Na Na
Na-NaNa-Na NaNa Na Na Na
Track Name: Oh the Wind and the Rain
I walk through the Valley of the Thunder Gods near the foothills of the Catskill’s.
It was here that I made my lodge on the banks of the Catskill Creek.

Whoa-Ho the wind and the rain.
I wash my soul in the wind and the rain.
Whoa-Ho the wind and the rain.
Turn, turn, turn to the wind and the rain.

I’m walkin on this path for I don’t know how long
And I cleanse myself with a sage stick.
I walk into the fire up on Harry Brown’s Hill
And I pray to the wind and the rain.

The unbearable lightness
of being just who we are.
And we’re falling through darkness,
dancing under the Maine stars


My one time friend be careful when
Your pullin on the puppet strings.
Your bound to get caught with your hand in the pot
and you better make your peace with the Wind and the Rain

Track Name: Silvie (Let Me Follow You Down)-
Silvie, bring me a bucket of water.
Silvie, bring me a bucket now.
Silvie, bring me a bucket of water, every litlle once in awhile.

Silvie, can you hear me comin?
Can you hear me comin now?
Silvie, can you hear me comin?
Every little once in awhile.

Silvie, let me follow you down.
Silvie, can I follow you down?
Well, I 'd do anything in this God almighty world if you just let me follow you down.

I buy you a diamind ring.
I'd get you any wedding gown.
You know I'll do anything in this God almighty world if you just let me follow you down.

Can I come home with you?
Silvie, can I come home with you?
You know I'd do anything in this God almighty world if you bring me home with you.

Silvie, can I follow you down?
Silvie, let me follow you down.
Well, I 'd do anything in this God almighty world if you just let me follow you down.
I 'd do anything in this God almighty world if you just let me follow you down.
I 'd do anything in this God almighty world if you just let me follow you down.
Track Name: Judy, Oh Judy
I rode into the village upon the twilight
And begged of their pardon to stay for the night
The people were friendly, the village was kind
As the soldiers who sought me were not far behind

She invited me in, I thought to confer
And then she read me the gospels according to her
She lit up a candle and showed me the way
And I wanted her more than I ever could say

I awoke in the morning with her by my side
I was true to my love for she had not denied
The door had been opened, the mark had been made
And I pondered that love in the bed where we Layed

Oh my love it is soon I must go
But first take these pieces of silver and gold
Would you go to the market and buy us some meat
For your people are hungry and need something to eat

She went out the door and into the square
And I’ll never know just what happened there
Oh my love today I will die
High up on that hill where the carrion crow Cries

Oh Judy My Love, don’t try to deny
You sold me to the soldiers and now I will die
Oh Judy My Love it is you will die too
For you sold me to soldiers when you might have been true
Track Name: God's Country
We let out for God's country for boom or for bust
But we didn't know exactly what lay ahead of us
"Only seven years," they said to stake out a claim
We'd be so much the richer they said it'd be our gain

Through the Mad Hat Valley, through the Chicken Feel Flat,
Over the Slap Jack Hill and then on to Medicine Hat.
And when we got there, it was just a dusty hill
But that ain't what the picture looked like on the government's picture bill.

Oh Dakota Land. Where are you sweet Dakota land?
I've heard told that your vallies are the finest in the land.
I went lookin for God's country so I can understand
just why we stole this land.

We settled down to work for seven years straight and we lived far below what was then the goin rate.
We didn't have any silver so they gave it on a loan.
It was just like they say as when you "Throw the dog a bone."

Mamma got sick. We had nothin left to give. But the doc said, "It'l cost ya more if you wnna see your mamma live."
We had nothin left. What more could we do?
Now I know I wished I'd listened to that drunken Dakota Sioux.


Delila was born in 1907.
That made eight of trying to make our way into heaven.
We met every kind of con man everywhere we went.
When we confered with the preacher he said it was all just heaven-sent.

Oh give me a land where the bright diamond sand flows from the water and I can shout, "Well God Damn!"
We almost got killed. Fleeced, clear enough.
We sure did pay a lot to find out just where God's country was!

Track Name: A Love Supreme - Sunflower
Ah, Sunflower
Weary of time
Who countest the steps
of the Sun

Seeking after
that sweet golden clime
Where the traveler's
journey is done

Where the youth
Pined away with desire
And the pale virgin
shrouded in snow

Arise from their graves
And they do aspire
Where my Sunflower
wishes to go