Jessica Lynch

from by Randy's Bad Baby

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This original song caricature’s military obedience and identifies Jessica Lynch, the first soldier taken hostage in the Iraq invasion, as a symbol of their lies. The American military couldn’t resist embellishing the story of Lynch’s capture and subsequent (albeit staged) rescue. When the PR guys realized she wouldn’t “go along” with the ruse, they made a brief attempt to discredit her. However her tale was too well known by that time and they had to back-off. Lynch, to her credit, never went along and acknowledged that she had been clumsy in her capture, treated well by her captures’ and kept from harm by an Iraqi Doctor.


Stand in line. Shut your mouth.
Don’t worry about it soldier we’ve got support in the South.
Grab your gun! It is your friend!
You ain’t never gonna see a Burger King again.

Step right up! Join the Call!
The Army’l make you a hero (or we’ll make you take the fall).

Give a salute. Give us a cheer.
We held your mamma and papa hostage with sadness and sadness and fear!

Jessica Lynch, Jessica Lynch.
What did they do to you?
They lied to your face tried to put you in a place.
Well it really ain’t nothing new! It ain’t nothing new.

Dig a hole. Then fill it in.
Dig it out again! Go on an jump in!
Go check in there. Get ready to die!
When I say “Jump” girl, you better ask “How high?”


Say, “I like killin! Killin’s a hoot!”
“Boy those kids from the ghetto sure do make good recruits!”
Turn on your TV, “Hey! It’s Jessica Lynch!”
“Why the Army called a hero but now they’re callin her a Bitch!”



from Birth of A Notion, released February 14, 2012
Lyrics and Music- Randy Viscio
Mandolin/ Lead Vocal – Randy Viscio
Drums- Adam Stranburg
Bass- Jim Stager
Acoustic Guitar/Back Vocal- Peter Richan
Fiddle- Jay Ansil



all rights reserved


Randy's Bad Baby Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The world's badest baby went down to the Juke Joint and got all juked up. The music was so fine and the crowd so frenzied that it whipped up like a tornado and swept everyone up and out. It carried the people across the Great Divide and They all landed in Philadelphia! And when I told that story...everyone sitting next to me on the bench all slid over and away from me. But it's true! ... more

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